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New releases of qmdoc and limb


A new release of qmdoc is out !

qmdoc is a simple, lightweight, fast tool that will convert MarkDown files into (JavaScript-free) HTML files, with an aim at documentation.

This new release 0.2.0 can now take directories as argument, processing every file named *.md it said directory and its subdirectories.

Additionally notion of groups and sorting groups have been added, to automatically sort pages by their titles or file names, as well as optionally creating groups in the pages' TOC.

A special handling of symlinks has also been added to allow one page to have multiple names linking to it.

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New software: qmdoc: Quick MarkDown Documentation Generator


I'm happy to announce the release of a new software: qmdoc.

qmdoc is a simple, lightweight, fast tool that will convert MarkDown files into HTML files, with an aim at documentation.

The generated files are pure HTML/CSS, without any JavaScript. Thus they are static files that can easily can made available and shared.

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Shell: How to read pipe from another fd?


It might be that you remember when, a few days ago or so, I talked about piping to another fd ? Well, let me introduce you to part two ! :)

Yeah, because apparently some sort of "unusual" pipes is a thing I find myself needing/wanting to do often. Also, me & file descriptors makes 6, or something.

Anyhow, quick recap: last time I wanted to pipe output from one process to another, except that I didn't want the reader to be reading from its stdin. There were reasons for that (having to do with password input), and the solution was, as you may already know/recall, process substitution.

Now I find myself in some kind of "reverse" situation, as I don't mind if the reader will read from its stdin, however the writer will not be writing to its stdout !

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Any GTK wizard out there who knows how to control a scrollbar?


I have started a little project which requires a graphical interface, and I'm using GTK3 to do so.

One thing I need is to have a scrollbar. Nothing fancy here?, one would think. And one would be right, after all there is a GtkScrollbar widget that's just what you'd think it is (if you thought it implemented a scrollbar that is...).

But because I'm picky or something, I wanted my scrollbar to have, say, values from 1 to 10, or 7 with a page size of 3. And, most importantly, I want possible values to only be integers. So 1, 2, 3, and so on up to 7. But no 1.2 or whatever.

Sounds simple?

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