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New software: ssp: your single-serving passwords solution


I'm happy to announce the release of a new software: ssp.

ssp is a simple, fast & secure command-line tool to manage your One-Time Passwords (OTPs), whether you want to handle them from your computer or as a backup solution.

It is a small, simple, fast command-line tool, compliant with RFC 4226 (HOTP) and RFC 6238 (TOTP).

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New releases of qmdoc and limb


A new release of qmdoc is out !

qmdoc is a simple, lightweight, fast tool that will convert MarkDown files into (JavaScript-free) HTML files, with an aim at documentation.

This new release 0.2.0 can now take directories as argument, processing every file named *.md it said directory and its subdirectories.

Additionally notion of groups and sorting groups have been added, to automatically sort pages by their titles or file names, as well as optionally creating groups in the pages' TOC.

A special handling of symlinks has also been added to allow one page to have multiple names linking to it.

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Booting a 4096-byte sectors disk with Syslinux (in QEMU?)


syslinux has always been my bootloader of choice. It's small, fast, does the job well, can be used for booting your hard drive, or a USB stick, a CD or when making an ISO file of those things. It's nice.

I'm happy not having to deal with the complicated mess that GRUB is, or at least seems to be from my ignorant POV.

Having said all that, lately I've had to look at syslinux a bit again and learn some more about it's boot process. And yes, it evolved 4Kn sectors.

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Make transferring files under dropbear MUCH faster


Imagine you need to transfer a bunch of files from one box to another, and you don't want to do it in plain sight because why would you? So, you'll very simply copy files under SSH, using scp or rsync or whatever you want.

You start the operation and notice how it goes at around 760 KiB/s. Which isn't exactly slow per-se, but it also isn't that fast. Especially considering you're transferring files from two servers which outta have some much faster interfaces available.

What gives ?

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